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          Maintenance method of Heshan office chair

          2020-05-12 809

          Heshan office chair is on a plane, and ensure it is in a horizontal position. Remove the fastening clip at the bottom of the seat and then take off the base. If you fix the base of the bolt or nut, you can use a suitable wrench to loosen and remove it.

          Look inside the chair for damaged or damaged parts that may need to be replaced inside. In case of other damaged parts other than gas cylinders, ensure to replace them with correct ones. Refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual for proper replacement parts.

          Turn the cylinder tongs over and release the cylinder until it simply falls. Please take care not to pull it forcibly, otherwise it may damage other parts of the chair.

          To buy new cylinders at any home hardware store. Ask a sales representative for assistance to ensure you choose the right replacement. Once you have a new cylinder, put the tapered end of the chair column inside.

          With the new natural cylinder in place, you can install the basic chair from scratch. Tighten all bolts and nuts with spanner and delete. When the whole chair is assembled from the beginning, check whether it works normally by adjusting the height of the seat cylinder.

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