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          What are the disassembly skills of the chassis of Heshan office chair

          2020-05-12 810

          The office chair chassis is an important part of the office chair. When the office chair is broken and needs to be replaced, how can we disassemble it? Here is a brief introduction for you, hoping to give some help to the people who need it.

          The method to disassemble the office chair chassis is as follows:

          1. Loosen the chassis screws to separate the chair up and down. If there is no chassis screw, it is not necessary to disassemble the screw.

          2. Lift up the chair to let the chair feet empty, and use the rubber hammer to knock the chair feet from top to bottom until the rubber joint.

          3. Remove the air bar, and remove the chair foot first.

          4. Turn it upside down and lift the air bar, knock on the chassis until it falls. (the upper and lower parts of the air pressure bar are tapered, which can be separated from the foot of the chair and the chassis and knocked off in the opposite direction of installation. It is not safe to knock the air bar directly or simply. )

          Precautions for disassembling the office chair chassis:

          1. To dismantle the chair is to use brute force. The longer you sit, the tighter the clamp between the parts, and the more force you need.

          2. Pay special attention, if there is no rubber hammer, it is better to pad the book at the striking position when using other hard objects, so as to avoid damaging the parts that do not need to be replaced.

          3. If it can't be disassembled, it can be forced to hit hard until it falls.

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