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          What are the accessories of Heshan office chair

          2020-05-12 831

          For the office workers, the office chair is a kind of familiar office supplies. The time of sitting in the office chair reaches eight hours or more every day.

          A good comfortable office chair will make people who work on it feel less tired. On the contrary, if the office chair is not selected well, people who work on it will feel more tired. So what accessories do office chairs have, and how to choose a good office chair? Next, I'll answer for you one by one.

          First of all, let's find out what are the office chair accessories?

          Office chair accessories - five star feet

          The five-star foot is a general office swivel chair accessory, which can be decorated with exquisite wooden feet on the foot stand. The beauty of this five-star foot is that it has strong bearing capacity and high safety performance. It can be pneumatic lifting or screw lifting, or it can be customized with samples. The foot stand is made of flat iron with slope, or straight flat iron, flat square tube, elliptical tube, etc. the products are beautiful and generous.

          Office chair accessories II - air bar

          The air bar is an indispensable part of office chair accessories, and the heat generated by the friction between the swivel chair and the air in the rolling process. Because of the principle of "hot expansion and cold contraction", air is compressed, generating power and shooting out the central axis, which will cause danger. It's better to use a good swivel chair instead of being cheap.

          Office chair accessories III - chassis

          The chassis is the place where the swivel chair supports and links the steam pole, which is used to connect the office swivel chair into a whole. Because of this effect, we must master the quality control when purchasing.

          Office chair accessories 4 - Wheels

          Wheel is an indispensable part of modern office chair. It is usually matched with five-star feet and can rotate at 360 degrees, which fully provides us with convenience.

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