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          Key points of Heshan office chair installation

          2020-05-12 779

          The roller of office chair accessories is used for sliding. We sit on the boss chair and can move a long distance with a slight slide of our feet, which is very convenient and convenient. Five claws are used to keep the boss's chair in balance. You are not afraid to lose your balance and fall when you sit on it. There are many kinds of information about five claws, including aluminum alloy, stainless steel and solid wood. The air pressure bar can control the height of the boss's chair, rise and fall at will, and adjust the most comfortable sitting posture.

          The seat of office chair accessories is where we sit. Its materials are made of leather and mesh. The leather grade is higher, which can only be used by general leaders. Armrest is an essential part of the boss's chair. When you are free, you can think by it. The pillow is a necessary part for rest and relaxation. It can make people relaxed.

          The other is to fix the screw seat under the seat cushion, and then insert the two horizontal rods of the frame into the horizontal round holes set by the connecting body, adjust them to a certain direction, so that the groove in the inner side of the horizontal rod is just in the straight round holes of the connecting body, rotate the clamp body 180 degrees, so that the side with the arc groove of the circular cylinder changes direction, and the straight face of the other flat pen of the cylinder will form a clamp convex The flange is clamped in the groove in the horizontal rod of the frame body, and the frame body and the connecting body are fixed.

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