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          How to choose the turntable of Heshan office chair accessories

          2020-05-12 785

          Rotary chair tray color selection skills, rotary chair is a computer chair, office chair category, a sitting part of the chair can be rotated. Swivel chair can be divided into half swivel chair and full swivel chair, which should be purchased according to their own needs.

          Color: it's better to look comfortable

          Common colors are red, blue and orange. In the bedroom or study should prevent the use of red swivel chair, avoid too active. Orange produces vitality. This color series swivel chair is suitable for entertainment rooms, but not for dormitories and study rooms. Blue gives a sense of peace.

          Function: select from space use

          The high back swivel chair is very suitable for people at home to use, which can convey the leisure and relaxed atmosphere at home; the swivel chair with strong streamline shape and color contrast, and strong visual beauty is very suitable for single family study and studio; the leisure swivel chair with strong personal style is suitable to be placed in a corner of the living room or balcony.

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