April 29, 2006
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Shu Qi & Lee Hom WangShu Qi and Lee Hom Wang was spotted in Tokyo last April 26, shopping. Shu Qi’s spokesperson denied that the two went to Japan together, and stated that the two just bumped into each other and had a nice meal and did some shopping. We’re not sure if those in the photo are really them but what the heck if yes it is just nice to see them having fun.

PS. We heard that Lee Hom Wang is touted to play one of the lead role in Ang Lee’s upcoming movie “Lust, Caution”. Shu Qi is also touted to play one of the lead female roles but this is not confirmed yet. If so, are the news about Lee Hom and Shu Qi just an advance publicity for “Lust, Caution”? Oh, well - just my paranoid self.

Shu Qi at the official Press Conference of the TV Series “Romance of Red Dust“.

The audio quality the video is bad.

This other video is shorter but a lot clearer.

April 21, 2006
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We heard it from the internet grapevine that Shu Qi and Ekin Cheng has been spotted getting cozy in Thailand while the two are filming the Hong Kong forest horror movie.