August 22, 2006
By computer-angel · Posted in Whereabouts, Lovelife, Leehom Wang

Fans are wondering what really is going on between Shu Qi and Lee Hom and would jump and get excited at the smallest hint of them being together.

An article and photos from the Apple Daily (below) shows that Shu Qi has the same mobile phone model as Lee Hom. Lee Hom is supposedly the official endorser for this Sony Ericsson mobile phone model. Shu Qi’s manager states that since K800i is a new phone model a lot of people would have it, including Shu Qi. Lee Hom’s manager denies that Lee Hom gave Shu Qi the mobile phone.


Realization: Shu Qi shops at the Mermaid Bakery at CitySuper in Hong Kong - probably the IFC branch of CitySuper


Ok, I cannot get over the fact that Lee Hom’s nose is big.

Source: AsianFanatics