September 22, 2006
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Shu Qi was one of the celebrities endorsing the NEC 6206.

September 19, 2006
By computer-angel · Posted in Whereabouts, Lovelife, Leehom Wang

Rumours (with matching “video evidence”) has it that Shu Qi and Lee Hom Wang spent 72 hours together at Shu Qi’s place. Click here for the news page with streaming video link from (in Chinese). The news zeroed in on the Hello Kitty mobile phone accessory hanging from Shu Qi’s jean pocket, and relating it to the super huge Hello Kitty stuffed toy near the window of the apartment supposedly Shu Qi’s.

I’ve ran across fan forums and some die-hard Leehom fans commented that it was impossible for the man to be Leehom because Leehom is allergic to cats. In the paparazzi video, you’d be able to see that there seem to be a white cat and that the man supposedly with Shu Qi was holding the cat. So who’s it then — Chang Chen?

Boys and Girls and Cats and Hello Kitties - how exciting indeed. But Shu Qi’s a big girl and Lee Hom’s a big guy so let’s just let them be.