November 14, 2006
By computer-angel · Posted in Money

According to Xinhuanet, Shu Qi (Hsu Chi) is the 9th highest paid actress in China. Here are the top 10 actresses and their “meager” salaries:

  1. Zhang Ziyi: US$15m
  2. Maggie Cheung: US$13.75m
  3. Gong Li: US$11.3m
  4. Carina Lau: US$11.3m
  5. Cecilia Cheung: US$9.4m
  6. Zhao Wei: US$7m
  7. Lin Xinru: US$5.6m
  8. Liu Xiaoqing: US$4m
  9. Hsu Chi: US$3.6m
  10. Zhou Xun: US$1.9m
November 8, 2006
By computer-angel · Posted in Lovelife

When reporters asked Chilam Cheung to name the 6 most important women in his life, Shu Qi was #3, whereas his current steady girlfriend Anita Yuen is only #6. Why is that? I have no idea right now and I intend to find out. I actually have no idea who Chilam Cheung is but he is supposedly famous (Chilam Cheung’s profile).

He’s quite cute though :)

Chilam Cheung