February 12, 2007
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Shu Qi & Edison Chen wishes everyone a happy Chinese New Year (新年快樂)!

February 11, 2007
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Shu Qi , Daniel Wu, and Chang Chen look good.
(Source: Xinhuanet)

Shu Qi, Chang Chen, Daniel Wu, et. al. have finished shooting “Blood Brothers“. This movie is a Shanghai Triad/Gangster movie (well, a little bit more than that).

February 10, 2007
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There is an entry in IMDB about a 2007 movie under production Tian Tang Kou (「天堂口」 Literal meaning: Gate to Heaven; English title: “Blood Brothers“), and Shu Qi is in the cast.

From the description in the IMDB story plot, the movie is a Chinese triad story. Liu Ye, Daniel Wu, and Yang Youning left their hometown to come to Shanghai for a better life, but found themselves joining the Shanghai triad. Betrayal emerges until the three brothers are eventually up against each other.

There is no information yet regarding Shu Qi’s role in this movie. Let’s hope it is not a “mouh liw” one (Cantonese, meaning “nonsense”, or “rubbish”).