April 29, 2007
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ShuQirazzi David and ShuQirazzi Amy alerted me of the online availability of Shu Qi’s photo for the May 2007 issue of Marie Claire magazine (Hong Kong). I’m so going to get the magazine soon and I’ll ask some ShuQirazzi friends to translate it for you guys.

Shu Qi clad in a Versace.


April 28, 2007
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Here are some of Shu Qi’s photos in her upcoming movie Blood Brothers天堂口」. Enjoy!

More photos here

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April 22, 2007
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Belated Happy Birthday, Shu Qi! 舒淇,生日快樂!I am literally punishing myself right now for forgetting your birthday. Not that you would miss anything out because we failed to greet you here on the website that is supposedly for you but anyhow, we hope yours was good and we wish you good health and hope that you would not quit showbusiness anytime soon. Happy birthday!!!

(Inset) Shu Qi celebrating her birthday after presenting at the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards.


P.S. This also marks the 3rd year of http://www.shuqiworld.com/– after 3 years, Computer Angel is still alive and is still able to update this despite her being busy and being drunk most of the time. Hurray!

April 17, 2007
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Bonjour! This just in — ShuQirazzi Pierre informed us that Shu Qi is the endorser for “Flower by Kenzo“.

Shu Qi for Flower By Kenzo

You can watch the clip here.

Pierre, merci boucoup!

Alternatively, here’s a YouTube version of the video:

April 15, 2007
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Shu Qi is a presentor at the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards.

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