April 3, 2008
By computer-angel · Posted in Movies, Upcoming, Edison Chen

Showbusiness is definitely amazing.

Edison Chen 35 days ago

35 days ago- Edison Chen, after thousands of sex scandal photos have been exposed, proclaimed that he is leaving showbusiness, indefinitely. Now hear this — he’s about to film a $13.8 million movie with no less than our very own superstar Shu Qi. Well, Edison didn’t exactly define which part of world he’s quitting showbusiness right?

As reported in Lianhe Wanbao, Edison Chen’s manager in Hong Kong has announced that both Edison and Shu Qi have started reading the script of the movie. The movie, of which filming will take place in Singapore and Chicago, is said to be a art-house love story. It is a collaboration between an unknown Singapore company and an independent American production house.

The plot as reported by Shin Min Daily — Edison plays an American student coming over to Singapore for work. He then meets Shu Qi, and thus starts a cross-country love affair. However, for unknown reasons as of press time, their relationship ceases abruptly supposedly due to parental objection from Edison’s family in the movie. Whatever character Shu Qi plays in the movie is not known yet.

Other sources say that Edison will start filming this summer, and also that there are quite a number of Western producers trying to get hold of him now.The scandal has definitely made him a lot more famous.

Is this news an April Fool’s joke or what? Doesn’t matter I guess, girls still think he is hot. *wink*

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  1. April 8, 2008 @ 2:12 pm

    If Shu Qi play with that b*tch (sorry but it is true) Edison Chen in a movie . I will not love her and like her and buy her stuff like DVDs,magazines,fragrances any more , even though I now have the love to her for infinity . If this movie gossip or whatever turns to be real . I will lock my love about Shu Qi in my heart and will forget everything about it . F**k that b*tch Edison Chen !

    Posted by GK
  2. April 8, 2008 @ 2:40 pm

    I am very angry ! Who the hell this Edison Chen is ? I even hate writing this lie teller’s name .

    I watch Hong Kong movie industry closerly and now they have been squashed between Japan , South Korea and Mainland China movie industries that now are making better movies than Hong Kong .

    Hong Kong movies are really sinking .

    CJ7 is just a comedy and has no cinema art value .
    Johnnie To is a stupid director who makes only cops-cops-cops-cops movies . He is trying to be an art-house but he eventually sucks ! Hong Kong cinema is hungry and needs money to eat something good and to think creative cinema arts but his movies doesn’t give any plus factor to Hong Kong cinema any more . and thanks to Andy Lau who doesn’t play in Johnnie To’s movies . I hope Johnnie To think about what the wrong about hisself and his movies is ? ‘I can see inner personalities of humans’ My ass !

    Andy Lau , Jackie Chen are old and can not make good performances in their movies any more . There are not yet any cool and showy spotter young movie stars who replace for these oldies in Hong Kong .

    If Hong Kong cinema is entrusted to people like Edison Chen and then I will make the grave of Hong Kong cinema easily .

    My only hope is now Tony Leung .

    Thanks to you , Computer Angel . You are great . Too bad that Shu Qi still doesn’t know English and visit this beautiful webpage . If she knows English , she will improve her acting performance perspective . Good Luck !

    Posted by GK
  3. April 8, 2008 @ 5:07 pm

    Haha don’t worry GK… it will all happen in good time. A day will come when I’d be finally able to fully talk to her (*wish*wish*). Wish me more luck.

    PS. I actually thought “A World Without Thieves” was directed by Johnnie To but it wasn’t… sigh, my memory’s so bad now. PS.PS. I saw Andy Lau playing bowling here in Hong Kong — hmmm he’s looking fine, not that old.

    Posted by computer-angel
  4. April 8, 2008 @ 9:08 pm

    Actually I am about to finish writing of my second script . The script has action,drama,sci-fi,supernatural genres . I named the woman at leading role as Shuqi . Too bad that it is not English but I will translate it and then show some Hollywood producers , if I can ! I wish you to have more luck to have a long chat with Shuqi and wish me some luck to show my script to a H-producer .

    Posted by GK
  5. July 19, 2008 @ 9:27 am

    I seriously hate that son of a bitch Edison Scum Bag Chen. Not because he had an affair with those dumb chinese celebrities, but just because he’s a scum bag. FAG!!!

    Posted by Heather
  6. January 7, 2009 @ 1:19 pm

    hey that’s only a movie wag naman kayong magalit kay ate shu qi ginagawa lang ang binigay role ng director sa kanya so wag niyo naman siyang laitin tao rin siya nasasktan.

    Posted by charlene
  7. January 7, 2009 @ 1:22 pm

    kung tayo nga nahiirapang matuto ng salita nila o ng kahit na anong salita sa mundo kaya wag namang ganyan guys ako nga kung minsan nabubulol ako sa pag english

    Posted by charlene
  8. March 30, 2009 @ 1:42 am

    first of all yall need to calm the fuck down you guys hate this man for no apparent reason yeah he was in a scandal but now yall are being ridiculous its not only his fault yeah it was stupid but insulting him isnt gonna make it better at least he is not lying about it just let him live his life its been a year since the scandal now let it go none of yall were in it were you, i didnt think so, what he did is done cecilia, joey yung, and other people should not be bringing him down cecilia is over here calling him a liar and a hypocrite by=ut she being the same thing to her husband she was cheating to she didnt cheat on nic with only edison there were other she is right to blame herself to i personally think she is a lying bitch too the only people i respect in this scandal right now are gillian and edison because they didnt insult each other and told the truth yeah cecilia was being brave but she shouldnt have insulted edison i understand that she is hurt okay but its her fault to and joey shouldnt even have the right to insult him because she wasnt in the scandal she should be like those other stars and sit down and shut up if this matter has nothing to do with her he was truthful about his image he didnt try to hide nothing he said he was a bad boy he even wrote a song about it so yall need to stop blaming him and move on with your lives it has nothing to do with me or you

    Posted by shawna mulcare
  9. July 4, 2009 @ 7:25 pm

    Yes , shawna you are right . However you have to understand there is a big diffrence between Edison Chen and those girls! He was very likely intending to make money off celebrity videos . They really thought he loved them . Woman are much more gullible and naive than men. Its very unfair of you to say that the woman are stupid.
    I do see the woman as gullible victims and I really do think that Edison had selfish intentions with those pictures. This girls entire lives and careers have been ruined due to his lies. The ony crime they commited was to be gullible and to trust him.I hope he learned that greed and selfilshness come back to a person.

    Posted by james

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