June 10, 2007
By computer-angel · Posted in Articles, Reviews

I came across this article featured at Yesasia’s YumCha! a couple of weeks ago. While the article was noteworthy of being briefly sweet concise of Shu Qi’s film career, there are a few items that I totally disagree of.

First of all, the title (Shu Qi: My Wife Was a Porn Star) was obviously a sensationalized one and did not even embody the contents of the article. As an expectant reader you would initially assume that the article is an analysis of Shu Qi’s struggle and hardship from coming out as an unknown pretty body and face out of Taiwan into the murky waters of Hong Kong cinema. But this part only covered a quarter of the article content, and the article just stated the facts, and is not an in-depth analysis of how Shu Qi struggled from this rag-doll phase to superstardom.

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