October 27, 2008
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Times are bad, really bad economic times. Our dear Shu Qi has reportedly cut down her asking fees by 30%, as reported by Xinhua news. When asked if she was taking lead in doing such a bold move, she responded modestly that “‘I should do it, since I’m part of the movie industry.”.

Shu Qi, now 32, attended an event for Dom Perignon champagne last week here in Hong Kong. She looked elegant in a backless green Versace dress and Chaumet jewellery amounting to around $88,000. She was asked asked how she was personally affected by the current economic crisis — Shu Qi claimed that her investments almost went down nearly half in value but chucks in that she has no doubt that she will be able to recuperate from this situation.

Shu Qi’s next assignment is to do a voice-over for the new film of Chinese director Feng Xiaogang (The Banquet).

Watch Shu Qi at the Dom Perignon event here.

November 14, 2006
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According to Xinhuanet, Shu Qi (Hsu Chi) is the 9th highest paid actress in China. Here are the top 10 actresses and their “meager” salaries:

  1. Zhang Ziyi: US$15m
  2. Maggie Cheung: US$13.75m
  3. Gong Li: US$11.3m
  4. Carina Lau: US$11.3m
  5. Cecilia Cheung: US$9.4m
  6. Zhao Wei: US$7m
  7. Lin Xinru: US$5.6m
  8. Liu Xiaoqing: US$4m
  9. Hsu Chi: US$3.6m
  10. Zhou Xun: US$1.9m